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January 15, 2019
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Are you using an eye cream? When I worked as a skincare specialist I would ask my customers this question and 99% of the time the answer would be no! Are we doing our eyes a disservice by just neglecting them and chucking on a normal face cream? There is a misconception with what age you should start using an eye product in your skincare routine. Most people associate eye creams with wrinkles and think that using an eye cream is to get rid of wrinkles but really you should start using an eye cream when you first start a skincare routine, even as a teenager. I wanted to share this post to break it down and tell you why I think everyone should be using eye products and really talk about what the benefits are and what types are suitable for your needs and skin.


Let’s start off by first discussing the reasons why you should be using eye products in your daily skincare routine:

  1. Prevention of lines and wrinkles
  2. Help reduce puffiness and dark circles
  3. Cleanse and moisturise  


Probably one of the most desired reasons for using an eye cream as I briefly mentioned above, is to help with lines and wrinkles. The skin around the eye area is 4x thinner than the rest of the face, which means your normal face cream isn’t designed for your eye area and won’t actually do much in terms of dealing with your eye concerns. The eye area is one of the areas on your face that start to age first for many reasons; natural ageing process, lifestyle, diet, eye care and believe it or not the way in which you remove your eye makeup. (This is why I’m a firm believer that make up wipes are a big no no!)


Another of the main concerns we have about our eyes are puffiness (bags) and darkness under our eyes. Again this can be caused by a number of things like hormones, lifestyle, lack of sleep and diet, but using a specfic eye care routine can help target these concerns and work to eliminate them.


Last but not least, cleansing and moisturising your eye area. We cleanse and moisturise our face, so why shouldn’t we take an extra couple of minutes to do the same for our eye area? Dry skin around the eyes can be very common for all skin types and causes irritation, enhances fine lines and make our eye area one of the areas we dislike when we look in the mirror. Moisturising the eye will also help your eye make up go on so much smoother, making it look more flawless and natural.

Eye Cleansing Liz Earle

Now lets talk about the different types of eye products you need in your routine:

  1. Eye makeup remover (try to avoid wipes)
  2. Eye mask/ under eye sheet masks
  3. Eye cream/ gel/ balm/ serum


Most facial cleaners are not suitable for the sensitivity of the eye area, so using a specially formulated eye makeup remover is best for removing makeup. This is also cleansing the eye area to help refresh, revitalise and awaken the eyes in preparation for an eye cream. Before you run out the door to purchase one, check your cleanser to see if it is suitable for the eye area or not (as some are, and this will save you money). Have a think about how much you want to spend on one, a high street brand or a premium brand, do you want vegan, cruelty free or alcohol-free? Do your research, good old google has everything you need to know and premium brand counters will have consultants to advise you – (don’t be scared, they aren’t all bad you know and they may even have a sample for you to try first, but please don’t expect one, take the time to listen to their advice first. Just something from experience) If you want an affordable product to start with, I would recommend the Garner Micellar Water which is a cleanser safe for sensitive skin and the eye area. This is a great product to start and help get you used to a routine, you can then treat yourself to a specific eye makeup remover if you want to, when you know you will use it.


Oh yes! Using a mask is one of my favourite self-care beauty routines and again double check your face mask to see if it suitable for your eye area. If not, do not worry as most brands now have a specific mask for the eye area. Include this in your weekly routine, maybe one evening during a pamper or if you are relaxing in the bath, you won’t even realise you have one on. A mask will help to relieve puffiness, dark circles and there are even ones for anti-ageing!


I know what you are thinking, “Gosh! what one do I need?” Don’t worry you can’t really get it wrong, most of the time the packaging will explain to you what the products does, for example..

Eye Cream/Balms – Normally is a cream like texture suitable for normal/dry skin. The texture is usually richer to help with dry patches and to keep the skin looking and feeling smoother.

Eye Gels/Serums – Are a light-weight texture, usually quite cooling to help relieve puffiness and darkness.

Sometimes you may find a combination of one like the Liz Earle Eye Cream, which is a lightweight cream that helps with anti-ageing, reducing dark circles and puffiness as well as hydrating the eye area (this is one of my favourites as it does everything I need!).

Liz Earle Eye Products

I think it’s so important to include eye products in your daily skincare routine to make your eyes look and feel brighter, hydrated and also to help slow down/ prevent the ageing process of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. I will be 30 this year and I have been using an eye cream since I was 21, in that time I haven’t noticed any wrinkles and my eye area is always so smooth and my makeup always looks good with no creases or dry patches.

Look after your eye area, it’s very delicate and these small simple steps can really make a difference and it’s a great habit to get into!

Skincare for eyes

I hope you found this post helpful and if you have any questions please let me know in the comments or message me on social media or email. Check out my daily skincare routines if you need some more inspiration.. 

Morning Skincare Routine

Night Skincare Routine  

What is your favourite eye products? Please let me know as I love trying new products.

Pinar xo 


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  1. Natonya says:

    I never considered an eye cream but your post is making me think otherwise. I like how you said to start using an eye cream BEFORE wrinkles come in as a prevention step, which makes so much sense. The other day I used Sephora’s Eye Makup Remover. I say it was very effective, removed everything easily and gently. You make a good point about face cleansers that do both, think I’ll look around for a two-in-one product. I learned something new today, thanks for sharing Pinar ?

    Natonya | https://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

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