Our 4th Wedding Anniversary Date Night

July 27, 2016

I don’t really do many posts about what I get up to (something I’m trying to work on) I intend to but just never do! So today I thought I would, while drinking my morning Green Tea, write about what a lovely evening my husband and I had last night celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary.

We usually go all out with Anniversary dates (last year was in Edinburgh check out my post!) but this year we decided that all we wanted to do was spend time together and eat good food so we picked somewhere not too far but somewhere I had never been before!

I have lived 30 minutes away from Canary Wharf in London my whole life and have never been and my gosh what an amazing place! Getting ready to go out on a Tuesday night was a strange feeling, something I haven’t done since my Uni days, so walking down the road to the bus stop in my wedge heels and a small dress at 6pm on a Tuesday night felt a bit strange. We got the Southern Eastern train and DLR to the Canary Wharf which took us about an hour door to door going against all the commuters coming home in rush hour was also a bit strange for me (being a stay at home mama on maternity leave has clearly kept me sheltered haha).

Arriving at Canary Wharf I was mesmerised by how stunning all the architecture was, I was so mesmerised I forgot to take photos but oh well next time! We decided to eat at a place called BIG EASY which is very well known Authentic American BBQ restaurant, a place I have always wanted to eat at (hubby has been a few times for Steak and Lobster Thursdays) so we booked a table for half 7 and I could not believe how busy the place was all night, the hustle and bustle of workers going out after work for some cold beers and a quick bite, to me this felt like a completely different world to the one I live in now, one I had and always thought I would have, before becoming a mummy! (I wouldn’t change a thing!) The service and food was amazing and we had the best time spending time together as husband and wife not as daddy and mummy. I enjoyed some lovely cocktails completely forgetting about the 6am wake up call from both my babies but it was worth it.

So here are a few photos that I did remember to take of our Anniversary date night..










Love & Light

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